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Hi there, We are Morning Music

Our training courses intentionally expose students to a broad spectrum of music, so they become inspired to choose their own musical paths.


Train yourself with a complete course in music with theory and creative application, Morning Music has transformed amateurs to professionals !  

Music Production

We are designed for you.

Morning Music, global academy for quality music education. 

Morning Music started with a thought of making quality Music education affordable and  accessible to all. We have nurtured some great talent since inception with exceptional guidance from our faculty.


We are on a mission to help music learners worldwide select and join music classes with the finest music teachers and  professional musicians.


All at the comfort of your house and your own pace! 

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From the Founder

Nitesh Rathee

Hello! I am a Musician and Producer based in Bengaluru, India, with a deep passion for music and a wealth of experience in the industry. My primary instrument is the guitar, and I am certified by Waves Audio Ltd. USA for Mixing & Mastering Music, showcasing my dedication to honing my craft.

As a mentor and educator, I take great pride in sharing my knowledge and expertise with aspiring musicians of all ages. Recently, I was awarded a certificate for outstanding achievement by Rockschool Awards London, recognizing my role as a mentor for my guitar students. It's a humbling honor that fuels my passion for teaching and helping others develop their skills and passion for music.

In addition to my teaching endeavors, I have had the privilege of collaborating with my bandmates on original compositions and working on mix and mastering projects for clients looking to release their music on various platforms or in films. This has allowed me to gain valuable experience in different genres of music, including classical, rock, metal, pop, and jazz.

I am grateful for the diverse body of work I have contributed to in various capacities, and I am excited to share my skills and experiences with you. With my unwavering passion for music, dedication to continuous improvement, and recognition as a mentor, I am confident in my ability to make a positive impact in the music industry. Thank you for visiting my website, and I look forward to connecting with you!

You can find my recent music here -


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