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Finding the right guitar !!!

There are mainly three types of guitar Electric and Acoustic and Semi Acoustic Guitars. Between these three guitars there is an entire spectrum of guitars to choose from. Few lean more towards the acoustic capabilities and the other lean towards the electric capabilities. Finding the right guitar is like meeting the man(or woman) of your dreams. There’s an immediate “simpatico” or magnetism that is inexplicable, but nevertheless real. To begin you will want to consider the type of guitar you would choose. Do try it in a shop before buying to check how it feels. 1. Acoustic Guitar :

This guitar is recognized by the large body, long narrow neck & steel strings. and is the most common guitar for beginners. The narrow neck and steel strings make it the ideal guitar if you intend to move on later to electric guitar. It is the ideal guitar to learn contemporary music in many styles. Acoustic guitars are all rounders from folk to rock to bluegrass, you’ll get a good strumming sound and a great fingerpicking response. 2. Electric guitar:

This is the second most popular guitar in the market today. The solid body electric guitar is specifically designed for use with amplification and therefore without amplification they are very very quiet. Thousands of variations in size and shape and colour in which the solid body electric guitars are available. These variations have very little or no impact on the sound of the guitar, the pickup style and configuration makes an audible preference to the way the guitar sounds.

Because of this it is worth taking note of the style of guitar used in the different styles of music. So if you are looking for a guitar to play Eric Clapton-like rock blues, then go for solid-bodied electric Guitar. 3. Classical or Spanish guitar :

This guitar has a smaller body than full size acoustic guitar with a wide neck, nylon strings and no cutaway. The wide neck makes it easier for finger picking. Classical guitar make softer sound due to nylon strings and are preferred for fingerpicking. This is also a full acoustic guitar and as the name suggests, its best suited towards the classical, flamenco or Spanish style of guitar playing. It is usually played with resting one foot on a higher platform ( foot stool ) in sitting position. 4. The Electro Acoustic or Semi Acoustic Guitar : This guitar is a true acoustic guitar with pickups installed inside the body. This could be used for recording purposes or while playing for a large audience where amplification is required. Electro acoustic guitars come in many shapes and forms, for example you can get a classical electro acoustic guitar or a dreadnought electro acoustic guitar. The above classification is for the beginners. There are few more types of guitar depending on the music you choose or your wish to perform like Bass guitar, Hollow Bodied Electric Guitar, 12 string Acoustic, 7 or 8 String Guitars For more information check out our next article on.

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